Business Management
McNeese State University
Electrical National Joint Apprenticeship Completed 1990


Mr. Biagas has over thirty-five years of experience in the residential, commercial and industrial electrical industry. His particular expertise is in the areas of

  • industrial and commercial specialty electrical systems
  • distribution
  • motor control
  • high voltage cable splicing and termination
  • premise wiring
  • CCTV controls
  • fiber optics
  • access control systems.

Mr. Biagas is familiar with the following control/management systems:

  • Barber Coleman Econ V
  •  Barber Coleman Econ VI
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • GE Mark IV
  • Foxboro DCS I/A series
  • Siemens Telepern ME
  • Honeywell DCS TDC 3000
  • Honeywell Scan 3000.

Mr. Biagas currently manages the day-to-day operations of PPSI.

Sr. Project Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:
All facets of the electrical trade and general construction. Supervised personnel in all trade areas, including digital process control systems (i.e., PLC installation, wiring and system testing and modifications) high voltage cable splicing, fire alarm system installation, security system installation, low voltage control wiring, installation of all types and sizes of electrical conduit, fiber optic cable installation, lighting (inside, outside and site), motor controls and switch gear; outside utility construction, including excavation, manhole and conduit construction, high pressure duct rodding, fault locating and repairs of underground electric cables, new street light installation (both screw base and poured base types), overhead service connections on the PEPCO distribution system, primary transformer installation and the rigging thereof. Computer, data and communication wiring & termination that includes Fiber Optic and LAN cables.

Professional Affiliations: 
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Member Electrical Workers Local Union No. 26
Prince George County Contractors Association

Special Training:
OSHA 30-Hour Course
1996 A-MCDCA Project Managers Training Program
1982 U.S. Army – MOS; Communications/NESTAR & VASCAR Systems, Top Secret Clearance
First AID Training: BASIC FIRST AID Certified: American Safety and Health Institute Heart Saver Training: CPR
Certified: American Heart Association Cable Splicing: Local 26/JATC


Chalk Point Generating Station
Emergency Unit 1 Hydrobin Replacement – Installation of new conduit, cable tray, control cabinets, power and control wiring. 30 employees
Hydro Carbon Detection System – Installation of new conduit, built and installed control cabinets, power and control wiring. Design/Build of complete system. Installed Bentley-Nevada Vibration Monitoring System on Units 1 thru 4 – Power and control.
Performed repairs on Dravo (stacker/reclaimer) at coal yard.
Installed heat detectors on Siemens combustion Units 5 and 6.
Installed power and controls for misting system on GE and Siemens combustion turbine Units 3, 4, 5, and 6.
Installed new railroad track lighting at coal yard. Power and control wiring of complete system.
Inspection, cleaning, and installation of new bushings for Unit 1 and 2 precipitators.
Installed new conduit, wiring, and lighting for Unit 3 and 4 cooling towers, lower level.
Installed new conduit, wiring, and light fixtures in chemical lab.
Replaced Rexa Drive controls for Units 3 and 4.
Installed new conduit, wiring, and controls for new fly ash collection control house. Power and control wiring of complete system.
Made repairs on 480 volt ventilation fans. Power and control.
Made repairs on plant sound system. Power and control.
Installed new 480 volt heaters at local panels around Units 4 aux boiler, Power and control. Installation of critical AC Power panels in Units 3 and 4 cable spread room.
Replacement of bench board controllers, meters, and switches of Units 1, 2, 3, and 4 control rooms.
Installed new controls for soot blowers Units 3 and 4.
Disassemble, clean, reassemble, and testing of iso-phase and bus duct on GE and Siemens combustion turbines.
Installed 480 volt heat trace on main #6 oil piping on site. New conduit, cable try, control cabinets, power and control wiring of complete system.
Installed acoustic leak monitoring system on boiler and feed water heaters on Units 1 thru 4 of complete system.
Provided electrical support during April 2000 oil spill.
Installed and tested fiber optic cable runs for Scada System.
Installed complete UPS for units 3 and 4. Design/Build.
Upgrade hydromixer controls units 1 and 2.
Installed all associated electrical raceways, wiring, and components for new #6 oil truck unloading skid, Power and control.
Upgrade general lighting on Units 1 and 2 following gas reburn project. Upgrade controls and wiring for sulfuric acid system.
Relocation of controls and wiring for main gas venturi for units 1 and 2.
Installed Scada Tank Monitoring system on all oil storage tanks on site. New cable tray, conduit, control panels, field controls, transformers, breakers, and lighting power and control of the complete system.
Installed emergency ISO-phase for Unit 1 main step-up transformer failure – Erected all support steel, installed and tested conductor, and isolated grounds. Connected high voltage transmission drops to bushings.
Change out and installation of new Cyberex Static Transfer switches for Units 1 and 2.
Perform upgrades on CEM/DEM system power and control.
Supported electrical and I&C shop on smaller projects for approximately 6 years. Installed overfire air system on Units 3 and 4. Foxboro controls. Complete system. Fabricated and installed new stainless steel bench board components.
Performed Honeywell computer change out. Installed all new Foxboro equipment in control, cable spread, and computer rooms.
Unit 3 cooling tower for electrical modifications.
This commenced in the first quarter of 2002. Contract responsibilities include new control room, mov’s, lighting, and power wiring. Sub to cooling tower general contractor.
Installed temporary wiring to contractor’s equipment, tools, and trailers for the past 6 years during plant overhauls without one incident of damage to plant or contractor’s equipment.

Piney Point Pipeline:
Installed hydrocarbon detectors, solar panels, instruments, and cellular phones at all valve pit locations. Power and control.
Installed cathodic protection on piping at various locations.
Installed, tested and terminated 13 kv cable for service separation from S.T. Services at Piney Point.
Installed conduit, cable tray, control cabinets, AC power panels, and all associated wiring for Scada Tank Monitoring systems at Piney Point and Ryceville pumping stations, and also at Chalk Point and Morgantown generating stations. The 8,500 feet of conduit and cable tray and over 25,000 feet of wiring and cable installed were all field routed. helped with the design of certain areas of the project with the lead designer/supervisor Ken Neff.

#6 Fuel Oil Unloading and Receiving Stations:
Installed conduit sizes 3/4” to 4” and various size cable trays. Installed 480 and 120 volt heat trace and associated control and power cable. Built and installed control cabinets. Supplied control and power raceways and cables for pump controls, motors, and site track lighting. Wired controls on train. This was a very fast paced job, with little engineering. Fifty employees worked outside during the winter months with a very aggressive schedule. The team completed its portion of work ahead of schedule. While work was progressing simultaneously at two other job sites, individual mechanical contractors covered Morgantown and Chalk Point generating stations.

Morgantown Generating Station:
Installed raceways, cable, and terminations for new beck drives.
Installed railroad track lighting. Power and control.
Installed raceways, cable, terminated and calibrated burner front controls. Installed and tested fiber optic cables with raceways for Scada system. Perform upgrades on CEM/DEM system.
Installed Acoustic leak monitoring system on Unit 1 boiler. Complete system.

Potomac River Generating Station:
Installed raceways, power and control cable for 16 foot electric doors at coal dumper house.
Repaired conduit and grounds at coal belt area.
Performed upgrades on CEM/DEM system.
Installed new raceways and cables for excitor controls.

Benning Road Generating Station: 
Perform upgrades to CEM/DEM systems.
Performed repairs on various deficiencies.



Mr. RYAN O. GRAY, Vice President / Superintendent

Various safety courses
I.B.E.W. Joint Apprenticeship Training Degree
Journeyman Electrician Certification Facilitative Leadership Training, 1999
INPO Certification Completion, 1995-1997

Mr. Gray has over 25 years of experience in electrical installations, root cause analysis, testing and troubleshooting. In addition, Mr. Gray has been responsible for Instructing new foremen and all phases of safety, testing, preventive and predictive maintenance, and assists in bidding/estimating on various large-scale projects. As a General Foreman & Safety Manager, Mr. Gray has had experience & training in Adult CPR, fire watch, confined space, industrial respiratory protection, WRAP (workers risk assessment program), as well as standard first aid and radiation protection. Mr. Gray has 6 years experience working in a nuclear power plant performing various tasks in a maintenance and supervisory capacity.

General Foreman, 06/2004 – 05/2010
Company: AVA Electric Co.
Metro Bus Garage Vault Installation
MTA Vault Installation
Faregate Installations at Various Locations
DCSC - Various Electrical Upgrades and Installation

Nuclear Electrical Technician,  12/1994 - 07/1999
Company: Baltimore Gas/Electric
Safety Co-Chairman, later to become Chairman, at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
Perform preventive and predictive maintenance on plant equipment: 120/250 VDC Battery System, 480 V/4KV/13KV Breakers and Voltage Regulators, Protective Relays, 500 KV Switchboard Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Power Factoring/HV Pot, Electronics, High Voltage Splicing, Utilization of various Test Equipment

Electrician, 09/1984 – 09/1994
Organization: Local 26 I.B.E.W.
Perform installation of electric equipment: Switchgear, Lighting & Power, Fire Protection Systems, Motors and Motor Controls

Professional & Civil Affiliations:
National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).